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Dentin, Dentin Graft, and Bone Graft: Microscopic and Spectroscopic Analysis


The use of the human dentin matrix could serve as an alternative to autologous,
allogenic, and xenogeneic bone grafts. Since 1967, when the osteoinductive characteristics of
autogenous demineralized dentin matrix were revealed, autologous tooth grafts have been advocated.
The tooth is very similar to the bone and contains many growth factors. The purpose of the
present study is to evaluate the similarities and differences between the three samples (dentin, demineralized
dentin, and alveolar cortical bone) with the aim of demonstrating that the demineralized
dentin can be considered in regenerative surgery as an alternative to the autologous bone.
Methods: This in vitro study analyzed the biochemical characterizations of 11 dentin granules
(Group A), 11 demineralized using the Tooth Transformer (Group B), and dentin granules and 11
cortical bone granules (Group C) using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy dispersive
spectroscopy (EDS) to evaluate mineral content...


COMENTARII PENTRU ARTICOLUL Dentin, Dentin Graft, and Bone Graft: Microscopic and Spectroscopic Analysis


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